Led pick and place machine

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Product Parameter Pick and Place Machine RD-ZT6V 
Placement Speed 15000 – 42000 chips/h
Placement Heads Single head 6 spindles; options (8 / 10 spindles)
PCB mounting area Min 50L * 50W / Max 1500L * 420W mm
PCB transfer method Platform Type / Single Segment Track type
No of Feeders 23 standard feeders can be placed
Machine weight Approx 900kg
Power AC 220V 50Hz (1.5kw/h)
Accuracy ± 0.01mm
Operating system Windows 7
Camera Flying and Linear Visual camera
Dimensions 2000L * 1100W * 1350H mm
Mountable components 0402 and above lamp beads resistor-capacitor IC terminal etc

Pick and Place the Machine Y axis motor


Pick and Place Machine linear camera

Japanese original grinding screw, long life, small wear, and robust stability 

Dual motor electronic feeder

Installed vacuum pump no external air source is required

The 6 groups of placement heads rotate independently and the placement speed is not affected by the angle.

6 groups of digital fly visual components correct the camera to reduce the error caused by the feeding.

Applicable to: Florescent tubes, flexible light stips, flat lights, outdoor lights, ceiling lights, bulb terminals, power suppliers, etc.


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