FUJI Full Automatic Pick And Place Machine nxt-r for high performance placement


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FUJI NXT III Full Automatic Pick And Place Machine For Sheets.
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FUJI Full Automatic Pick And Place Machine

The newly developed automatic feeder exchange system frees the operators from changeover and supply work and offers additional functions that ensure the maintenance of a high quality and productivity.

1. Automatic feeder change

Since the Smart Loader handles the changeover and parts supply according to the schedule, the workload on the line can be reduced and efficient production can be achieved.

2. Load large quantities of parts

Through the use of new types of feeders and base buffers, the number of parts that can be loaded is considerably increased. A wide range production can be supported by the smart loader.

3. World-class productivity

Achieves a first-class placement speed with the unique Fuji-revolver head technology. This contributes to an even higher productivity.

4. Flexible support for changes in production

The three newly developed heads offer excellent part handling and flexibility without reducing the production rate, even if in the next production a different range of parts is used.

5. Reliable placement with sensor technology

From part pick-up to placement, sensor technology is used to perform various checks.

This allows a stable placement with high quality.

FUJI Pick and Place Machine


Advance chip mounter

Fast & flexible pick and place machine

Multi-functional SMT placement

Fast flexible pick & place machine

Basic Specifications
PCB size(LXW) 48 x 48 mm to 774 x 610 mm (double conveyor)*
48 x 48 mm to 774 x 710 mm (single conveyor)
*Double conveyors can handle PCBs up to 330 (W) mm. PCBs larger than 330 (W) mm must be produced by changing the double conveyor to single lane production mode.
Feeder capacity Up to 130 (8 mm tape)
Placing accuracy
(Fiducial mark based referencing)
H24G: +/-0.025 mm (Standard mode) / +/-0.038 mm (Productivity priority mode, under development) (3sigma) cpk≥1.00
H08M: +/-0.040 mm (3σ) cpk≥1.00
OF: +/-0.050 mm (3σ) cpk≥1.00
H02F: +/-0.025 mm (3σ) cpk≥1.00
H01: +/-0.030 mm (3σ) cpk≥1.00
Machine dimensions L: 1280mm, W: 2656mm, H: 1556mm
Placing heads
H24G H08M H02F H01 OF
Nozzle quantity 24 8 2 1 1
Throughput(cph) 37,000 cph (Productivity priority mode, under development)
35,000 cph (Standard mode)
13000 7300 4200 3000
Part size (mm) 03015 mm to 5 x 5
Height:Up to 2.0 mm
0603 (0201″)to45 x 45
Height:Up to 13.0 mm
1608 (0603″)to 74 x 74 (32 x 180)
Height:Up to 25.4 mm
1608 (0603″)to 74 x 74 (32 x 180)
Height:Up to 38.1 mm
Part presence check ○ (H08MQ) x
Parts supply


Stick x
Tray x
Nozzle quantity 12 4 1
Throughput(cph) 27,000
Parts presence function ON: 26,000
12000 5800
Part size (mm) 0402 (01005″) to 12.5 mm diagonally and Y is 7.5 mm or less
Height: Up to 3.0 mm
1608 (0603″)to 15 x 15
Height:Up to 6.5 mm
1608 (0603″)to 74 x 74 (32 x 100)
Height:Up to 25.4 mm
Placing accuracy
(Fiducial mark based referencing)
+/-0.038 (+/-0.050) mm (3σ) cpk≥1.00 +/-0.040 mm (3σ) cpk≥1.00 +/-0.030 mm (3σ) cpk≥1.00
Part presence check o x o
Parts supply Tape o o o
Stick x o o
Tray x o o

*Contact Fuji or sales agents for specific operating conditions and detailed specifications.


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