led pick and place machine s8

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Full automatic Led pick and place machine 1.5 meters S8

Use the most convenient positioning block, base plate origin positioning method to fix position. The positioning is highly accurate (precision less than 0.05mm Mounting angle range 0-360 degrees, and the precision is 0.1 degrees. Every picking nozzle has an independent rotation angle, Moreover added an 8 camera of component recognition. In addition to placing the traditional long led tube light also can be a place bulb light, down light, spotlight, ceiling light, Led fence light, Led driving power supply, copper wire string light, and so on. All X, Y, and W axis are equipped with imported precision ball-bearing screw rods and guide rails. Z axis installed 8 sets of the imported motor to drive. It enhanced the smooth coordination of equipment motion, reduced abnormal noise, and greatly improved placement accuracy and speed.

Ball Screw 

Electric Supply

electric circuit



Machine Head




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