NPM-VF | Panasonic Odd-Form Component Insertion Machine


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Panasonic designed the NPM-VF odd-form solution to address increasing global labor costs and manual assembly complexity. The new platform, built from the award-winning NPM Platform, introduces several innovative solutions to reduce labor requirements and cost, while boosting productivity, enhancing versatility, and helping ensure quality through-hole and odd-form component insertions.

Odd-form automation requires more than placement, so the NPM-VF integrates an active, under-board clinch, which traverses the population area. Adopted from Panasonic’s pioneering through-hole technology, the active clinch system can secure various through-hole lead diameters at multiple rotations. Yet, when not required, the clinch doubles as localized board support for snap-in/press-fit components. Panasonic is simplifying odd-form and manual assembly with a solution that helps reduce labor costs, improve quality, and minimize resource challenges.


Panasonic Pick and Place Machine



  1. Body Chuck for gripping large odd-form devices without a pick surface (e.g. power transformers)
  2. Lead Chuck for gripping radial lead through-hole devices (e.g. electrolytic capacitors)
  3. Swing Nozzle for inserting through-hole devices oriented in packaging different than insertion orientation
  4. Reduces labor costs, simplifies complex assembly, and increases production quality
  5. Adapts through-hole technologies like active clinching, lead cutting, and part feeding from Panasonic’s 50+ years of through-hole innovation


Model No. NM-EJR9A: Standard Conveyor
PCB Dimensions (mm) L 50 x W 50 ~ L 510 x W 460
PCB Dimensions (mm) Standard Conveyor:
L 50 x W 50 ~ L 510 x W 460
Anvil Conveyor (Option):
L 50 x W 50 ~ L 460 x W 400
Max. PCB Mass * Standard Conveyor & Anvil Conveyor:
Up to 3kg
PCB Thickness Standard Conveyor & Anvil Conveyor:
0.3 ~ 8 mm
PCB Flow Standard Conveyor & Anvil Conveyor:
Left ← Right / Left → Right (Flow direction is selectable)
Insertion Direction Standard Conveyor & Anvil Conveyor:
360º (± 180º )  *1 degree unit
Insertion Push Force Standard Conveyor & Anvil Conveyor:
Up to 100 N
PCB Exchange Time Standard Conveyor:
4.5 s
Anvil Conveyor (Option):
5.5 s
Applicable Components Standard Conveyor & Anvil Conveyor:
Max. dimensions : L 130 mm × W 35 mm × H 60 mm • L 150 mm × W 38 mm × H 29 mm
Max. component mass : 200g
Electric Source 3-phase AC 200, 220, 380, 400, 420, 480 V  2.7 kVA
Pneumatic Source 0.5 ~ 0.8 MPa, 200 L /min (A.N.R.)
Dimensions (mm) W 1,866 x D 2,332 x H 1,554 (Main body only)
W 2,166 x D 2,332 x H 1,554 (When downstream extension conveyor is connected)
Note: Excluding the monitor, signal tower and ceiling fan cover.
Mass 2,590 kg (Only for main body : This differs depending on the option configuration)


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